Key Detail

  1. Comprehensive Writing Tool: Scrivener integrates advanced writing features with project management tools, designed to support writers through all stages of their work, from initial brainstorming to final drafting.

  2. Flexible Organization: Offers a unique non-linear organization system that allows writers to break down their projects into manageable chunks, such as chapters or scenes, and rearrange them easily.

  3. Multi-Document Support: Enables users to view and edit multiple documents simultaneously, facilitating easy reference across different parts of a project.

  4. Research and Resources: Provides a built-in research folder to store reference materials, notes, images, and PDFs, keeping all project-related resources accessible within the same workspace.

  5. Target and Statistics: Features tools to set writing targets and track progress, including word count goals and writing statistics, helping writers stay focused and productive.

Devloper's Discription

  • Literature & Latte, the developer behind Scrivener, is a software company focused on creating tools tailored for writers and researchers. Founded with the vision to provide writers with more efficient and flexible ways to organize and manage their projects, Literature & Latte has positioned Scrivener as a cornerstone product for authors, screenwriters, academics, and anyone involved in extensive writing projects. The company is known for its commitment to user feedback, continually updating Scrivener to enhance its functionality and user experience. Literature & Latte’s dedication to supporting the writing community is evident in their development of software that adapts to the diverse and evolving needs of writers worldwide.
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